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Selling our veggies at the marketplace!

Our first marketplace booth! Today, we visited a local marketplace in Hong Kong and sold our hand packaged, hydroponic-grown vegetables to locals in the area. We were so grateful to have sold over 60 boxes of vegetables that we grew ourselves using hydroponics systems, and half of the proceedings were contributed to expanding our organization, while the other half was donated to farms in need of infrastructure improvement in Hong Kong.

We packaged the veggies for the whole morning that day. Placing the veggies carefully into the boxes, sticking the labels on the boxes, and delivering them to the marketplace, the whole process was very detailed and we paid attention to the details, ensuring that everything was in place for the marketplace.

We introduced our organization, our mission, and our product to visitors of the marketplace, and we were grateful to have received so many compliments on our work. Many appreciated our work in educating children on self-sustenance in schools, and alleviating food insecurity in Hong Kong. This was truly a full circle, and we this made us proud of the work that we have done to impact our local society.



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