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Lively workshop at Sin Ching kindergarten!

Today we went to Sin Ching Kindergarten for an extremely engaging workshop with 100 kids! We hosted 2 sessions, each with 50 students, ranging from K1-K3 students. The students were so excited to learn how to grow veggies without soil, and we could feel the welcoming attitude radiating from their presence.

We arrived at Sin Ching Kindergarten at 9:30 to prepare for the 2 workshops.

After watching a video on climate change together, we began teaching about how to set up a hydroponics machine, and all students were eager to volunteer for helping out with setting up the hydroponics. Each student participated at least once in our interactive activities, from transferring seeds into the sponge, to placing the sponge in the container, to harvesting the veggies.

Thank you so much for Principal Lam, all the teachers, and all the students for participating in the workshop! Principal Lam has promised to buy a hydroponics machine for students to grow veggies within the kindergarten. We look forward to seeing your harvests in the future!

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