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Changing Young Lives - Parent children cooking workshop

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

During day 2 of the workshop at Changing Young Lives Foundation, we taught the children from low-income families to cook simple and easy dishes using the vegetables they grew from the mini hydroponic system we gifted. The children were joined by their parents in the workshop, as we hoped that this activity would promote more family bonding between filial relationships.

Firstly, we welcomed these familiar faces to share their crops that have been growing for a month since the last workshop. We received so much excitement and eagerness from the crowd that we could not wait to start cooking using their vegetables.

We started the cooking with a simple Chinese dish containing impossible meat and any type of vegetable. Boy Choy was the most successful crop grown by the children, so we used them to create a delicious and nutritious dish. We invited volunteers to come up and help us in the cooking process. Following that, we made a super simple salad using butter lettuce grown through our hydroponics system and sesame sauce. The participants thoroughly enjoyed both dishes, and even went for seconds!

Overall, we believe that this workshop was successful in teaching low-income children self-sufficiency and basic cooking skills. We hope that after this workshop, the children can help out with their parents in cooking dinner on a regular basis, and through that strengthen their relationships with family. We felt that this experience was incredibly rewarding as we witnessed the strong positive feedback from the parents, and we were proud to help in improving a small portion of these bright children's lives.

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