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of crops

Jayden Mau

Co-Founder and head of outreach team

Jaydon Mau, originally hailing from Hong Kong, took on his interest in hydroponics in 2021 during the Covid-19 Lockdowns in Shanghai. From there, he sparked an interest in hydroponic farming and is glad he’s able to share his knowledge to the next generation.

Oscar Kong

Head of development team

Oscar is a junior pursuing the Global and Environmental Studies Certificate at The Loomis Chaffee School. Interested in the societal impact of plants and the environment, he integrates his green hobbies into his work at school. As a Gilchrist Environmental Fellow, he has received funding to bring horticultural therapy to local senior residences in collaboration with the community engagement program he started at Loomis. He is excited to bring more green initiatives to Loomis.

Jasmine Khuu

Founder and executive director

Jasmine is a senior pursuing the Environmental Immersion Program at Choate Rosemary Hall. Actively curious about the environmental world around her through multidisciplinary studies, she enjoys looking into environmental economics and policies the most. She also writes sustainable policies at school as the Head Conservation Proctor. Her interest mainly lies in Urban Agriculture, specifically through writing a research paper comparing the profitability and environmental impacts of rooftop and vertical farming in Hong Kong versus New York. She is keen on raising awareness of urban agricultural approaches to the next generation and to give back to society.

About Our Team

Three self-driven teenagers from Hong Kong have been inspired by the global food insecurity problem to use innovative ecofriendly technology to combat this problem.  As a team, they have created an initiative to take advantage of the space and energy-efficient rooftop gardening to alleviate Hong Kong's food insecurity problems.

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